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The Weather in Gran Canaria | Spain

Gran Canaria weather, has recently been selected as the best weather in the world. Temperatures are always over twenty degrees with hardly any clouds in the sky, making Gran Canaria the perfect place to holiday all year round. Yes, it really is like a permanent spring in Gran Canaria. When it comes to sunshine, the Island is caught in a kind of weather warp, with an eternal spring-summer climate. Gran Canaria a year-round destination, you can pretty much take your pick of when to go. The winter months – December to March – are a tad cooler but still paradise compared to mainland Europe and the UK. This makes winter the island's busiest period.

Gran Canaria enjoys a sub-tropical Weather with mainly spring-like temperatures throughout the year. That said, this 'Continent in Miniature' has several Microclimates, with some considerable differences in rainfall and temperature. Summers are generally dry everywhere on the Island, although the northern half tends to have more cloud cover. In Winter, the difference between the north and south is even more pronounced, with the southern resorts often a few degrees warmer than Las Palmas.

If you go to Gran Canaria during the summer (mid-April to mid-October), you are pretty much guaranteed sunshine and hot weather
in the south. During the Winter (if you can call it that), Gran Canaria weather does receive some rain, so there is always a chance of that, though temperatures will most likely rise to the low to mid twenties even in January. It can become chilly in the evening though, so it's a good idea to bring a fleece or cardigan. Gran Canaria is known for its extreme variations in weather and while the coastal locations are sunny virtually year-round, the weather in the centre of Gran Canaria and around the mountains, becomes cooler.

Gran Canaria is just the place to be if you like to live life outdoors. Maspalomas and the rest of the south of the island enjoy even better weather than Las Palmas. With as many as 50 weeks of sunshine a year there won’t be much rain to spoil your plans!
The average weather temperature on Gran Canaria is pleasant all year round, between 26ºC and 28ºC (79F – 82F) in the summer and from 22ºC to 24ºC (72F – 75F) during the winter months. With this sort of weather, you can enjoy the comfort of light clothing practically every day of the year. You will also find the sea temperature around Gran Canaria to average a very inviting 22ºC) for
most of the year, rarely dropping below a tolerable 19ºC (66F) in winter. This makes Gran Canaria a veritable paradise for beach lovers

Not only for its excellent Weather, but Gran Canaria is alaso popular travel destination for many reasons not least of which are its numerous and exquisite beaches. Most of Gran Canarias beaches have white sand and some are even completely unique in the world. Gran Canaria's coastline consists of 60 kilometres of beaches of various descriptions, some forming part of protected areas recognised for their natural beauty and unspoilt landscapes. Gran Canaria’s beaches have become well known for the transparency of their waters, their general cleanliness and the excellent facilities provided for bathers. Below, you have two Gran Canaria Weather Forecast windows representing the general north – Las Palmas – and the general south area – Maspalomas and Playa del Ingles

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