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Gran Canaria Airport (LPA) ... Las Palmas Airport

Gran Canaria inhabitants usually call the Las Palmas Airport "Aeropuerto de Gando". The official IATA-Airport-Code for Las Palmas Airport Gran Canaria is LPA  "Las Palmas Airport", the spanish airport-company AENA often uses only the phrase Gran Canaria Airport. "Gando" ist a quarter of the city of Telde in the airports proximity, the second large city of Gran Canaria. Located approximately 12 miles (19km) south of the city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, and 16 miles (25km) north of the island’s popular tourist areas, Gran Canaria Airport (LPA) or Las Palmas Airport – locally referred to as “Aeropuerto de Gando" – handles almost 9.5 million passengers per year. It is the Canary Islands’ busiest aerial hub and Spain’s fifth-busiest airport.

Gran Canaria Airport airport (Las Palmas) is sectioned into zones. Zone A handles all of the EU flights, Zone B handles all of the other International flights and Zone C handles all of the local air traffic. There is a VIP lounge in the departure area of the airport and is offered freely to passengers travelling on business class, but a €15 fee for other passengers. The departure and check-in area is on the first floor. With a reasonable selection of shops and places to wine and dine, as well as warm and friendly services and an assortment of facilities, Gran Canaria Airport LPA offers a pleasant experience. Gran Canaria Las Palmas airport can be reached from the South Zone and the capital by taking the GC-1 motorway which goes from the north to the south of Gran Canaria via the eastern part of the island. The GC-1 is also signposted from the adjoining secondary road.

Gran Canaria Airport (LPA) Las Palmas

Gran Canaria airport has a single terminal, with three floors. The ground floor handles arrivals and the first floor handles departures. Arrivals and Departures halls are subdivided into three areas: European Union (A), international (B) and inter-island (C). Passenger facilities are excellent, and include a full service bank on the ground floor (open weekdays 08:00 – 14:15) and electronic banking machines on the first floor. Bureaux de change are situated in the EU arrivals hall and in the check-in halls on the ground floor. There is a post office in the international arrivals hall and an internet café is situated after security on the first floor of the EU departures hall

There are 2,000 parking bays in Gran Canaria Airport for short- and long-term parking. Both are situated in front of the terminal building. The first 30 minutes are free, while the price per minute between 31 and 60 minutes is €0.019, and €0.018 thereafter.
The maximum daily limit up to four days is €10.00, and €8.50 for every day thereafter. It can be difficult to find parking on busy days, especially Mondays. If you wish to take the bus to the city center, the cheapest option is to purchase a return ticket (Tarjeta Ida y Vuelta). Prices range from €5.30 to €8, depending on your route. Buses leave from the bus station to several destinations in Gran Canaria. Bus line 60 goes to the capital Las Palmas (Parque de San Catalina and Parque de San Telmo), bus line 66 goes to Faro de Maspalomas/ A taxi trip to the Las Palmas city center takes approximately 25 minutes and costs around €30.

There are no hotels at Gran Canaria airport. The nearest hotel is the Elba Vecindario Aeropuerto Gran Hotel (tel: +34(0)902 172 182). There is a counter for hotel reservations in the Arrivals Hall. For more hotels and to reserve online you can go to our hotels page, with a large range of Gran Canaria hotels with great availability and lowest guarantee rates. Gran Canaria Airport terminal has excellent accessibility for the disabled. There are wheelchair ramps, adapted elevators, restrooms and telephones. There are 48 parking places reserved for the disabled, right in front of the terminal. There are banks, money exchange offices and ATM's, there is also a post office. You can find many tour operators in the Arrivals Hall. There is a children’s play area & there are special baby changing rooms.

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